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General charter Terms & Conditions

The terms of payment, cancellations etc are dependant on type of yacht and event, and will be specified in the proposal. General terms below:

Yacht Hire and insurance
In addition to the yacht, the rental includes fuel, crew and the shipowners insurance. Wavebusiness are responsible for the planning and quality of events, but anything related to the yachts and venues, ev accidents, liability etc are covered by the Yacht owners and venues  insurances. 
If the arrangement does not end according to the time specified in the booking confirmation, the extra time is charged as per the current hourly rate. Payment of the entire yacht rental must be made in advance, and if not paid within the specified time, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

All catering on board is provided by the charter company. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.


Cancellation terms are specified in the proposal. For smaller boats like speedboats and RIBs cancellations can normally be done one week before the trip, free of charge.

The captain is entitled to terminate the charter, in whole or in part, with immediate effect. Refuse persons considered posing danger to oneself, fellow passengers, crew or otherwise compromise safety and public safety order on board. No reimbursement or repayment will occur in case of forced action as above. The captain is entitled to depart from the planned route with reference to safety, weather, wind, ice conditions or maritime traffic regulations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, without compensation from the customer.


In case of damage, extraordinary cleaning, repair of toilets due to not allowed waste or improper use, the customer is liable for damages. This applies even if the offender can not be identified.


Force majeure
In the event of war, government regulation, strike, blockade, lockout or other disability, fire, engine problems, accident or other circumstance beyond control, Wavebusiness are entitled to set or otherwise redeploy ordered travel without liability. Guests participate in activities under the charter at own risk. There should never be more aboard guests (people) than specified for each yacht. The yacht don´t leave the dock if the number of passengers is exceeded.


Payment options 

Credit card or invoice

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