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Exclusive Yachts is the way to go when you you want to offer your guests the best - a very comfortable and exclusive way to see the archipelago.

You can enjoy the sun, and views from the flybridge or saloon, and will be served drinks and snacks during the trip. We offer top chefs who prepare the food onboard, or catering.

Fast Yachts accomodate 12-20 guests, Steamboats etc can take more passengers.



luxury yachts

M/Y Katieca is our first choice for smaller groups. E.g. a lunch or dinner in the archipelago for 6 persons onboard, or a barbeque for 12 on a lonely island in the sunset. For a seightseeing in the Stockholm Harbour, or beautiful and efficient transport in the archipelago we can accomodate up to 20 guests aboard.

The yacht offers high quality in all aspects; mahogany saloon, fast, silent, and have unique capabilities to moor directly to the rocks in the archipelago, without need for a harbour.

Facts about the vessel

Length: 18 meters

Weight: 22 tons

Waterjet: Rolls-Royce 550

Engine: MTU 1500 hp, V12

Speed: 35 knots

Max no of passengers: 20

Luxury Yachts


To see the archipelago from the air is very beautiful. 30 000 islands scattered on the blue sea. Business meetings tends to be more efficient, and you do not always have the option to spend a whole day on the sea with your customers. A beautiful alternative is then to go from Stockholm with a Yacht, and return with a helicopter - ev directly to the airport.

We also arrange longer trips with Helicopter, e.g. to the north of sweden, or to Gotland.


Different Helicopters, e.g. AugustaWestland 109 S or Eurocopter EC120

Up to 5 passengers, leather VIP club seats, soundproof, aircond 

Speed:  278 km/hr

Range: 830 km

Motala Express.jpg


Stockholm is the home of the steamboats. They have served the people living out in the archipelago for more than 100 years, and are ideal for bigger groups who want to enjoy a lunch or dinner when cruising silent and slow around the islands.

We work with different Steamboats, e.g. S/S Frithiof and S/S Motala Express which are some of the most beautiful classical Steam Yachts in Europe.

Facts S/S Motala Express

Built: 1895, K-marked

Engine: Original Steam Engine in mint condition

Number of Guests: Up to 50 guests in two saloons

                            Up to 200, fingerfood served

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